Failure Analysis/Forensic Engineering

Failure Analysis

Is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure.  Failure analysis is used by both the industrial and legal sectors. Our engineers have experience providing depositions and expert testimonies.

Stress Analysis

Analytical Stress Analysis

When making parts and assemblies it is extremely important to know where the critical stress and fail points are in your design.  This analysis includes linear and non-linear systems.

Finite Element Analysis

MMT uses FEA to determine whether a component or structure will perform as designed and predict possible failure modes.

Weld Process Consulting

Our engineers use their education, background and experience to assist clients with their various welding needs.

Welding engineering services include:

  • Base material weldability testing
  • Filler material selection and testing
  • Welding process selection
  • Welding procedure development and qualification

Computer Aided Design

CAD software replaces the slow, tedious manual drafting with an automated process. Our capabilities include 2-D vector based graphics and 3-D modeling of solid surfaces.

Why Choose Us?

Our technical services are performed by a trained and educated staff  in our capable facilities.  Furthermore, our in house machine shop provides fast sample preparation which expedites turnaround times.