Expert Witness/Litigation Support

MMT renders answers to industrial failures and legal liability cases with over 30 years of experience and our industrial labs and machine shop facility.

Our litigation support capabilities include:

  • Expert Witness Testimony for trial
  • Expert Deposition
  • Consulting
  • Traceability and Documentation (Chain of custody)
  • Expert report with charts and diagrams
  • Visual aids for trial/hearings
  • Educate on metallurgy and related science for non-technical attorneys and staff

Our engineers have experience maintaining traceability, documentation, litigation consulting, and providing expert testimony in trial or deposition.

Dr. Thomas Shelton, Ph.D. P.E. Professional Engineer, Expert Metallurgist and Professor at Louisiana State University (LSU)

Dr. Thomas Shelton, PhD

Expert in Metallurgy and Materials Science including failure analysis

Trial & Deposition Prep:

Trial and deposition prep for attorneys to assist in developing discovery requests and questions for depositions and trial.

Attorneys are provided with education on terms and relevant information needed for questioning and presentation in trial.